350,000 €


Within 3 months

Visa free

26 Schengen



The nature of our residency solution for Germany is the Entrepreneurial Residency Program. The German Entrepreneurial Residency Program is one of the premium choices for foreign entrepreneurs seeking European residency along high quality lifestyle and well-established domestic infrastructure. Alongside a booming economy, Germany has an internationally renowned education system, playing host to some of the most prestigious schools and universities in Europe. German residents enjoy a very high standard of living, a modern and affordable health service and unrivalled travel infrastructure.

– Purchase an off-plan Real Estate starting from EUR 250,000
Engage in entrepreneurial activity by contributing with an investment of more than EUR 100,000 in upcoming development projects in Germany
The applicant would be required to maintain a residential address during the entire investment period. As the Real Estate development is off-plan, the main applicant is required to rent a property until the development has been completed.

Key Benefits:
• Freedom of travel to the Schengen Area
• No requirement to physically move to Germany
• Strongest economy in Europe
• World-Class Healthcare
• Free Education
• Excellent domestic infrastructure
• High Quality lifestyle
• International pioneer for climate protection and expansion of clean energy
• Eligible for citizenship after 8th year of residence”