30,000 €


250,000 €


2-4 months

Visa Free

26 Schengen



Malta is an EU and Schengen Member State with a high standard of living, however the cost of living is comparatively lower than in Europe – an attractive location for private residence.
The Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP) offers non-Maltese persons the possibility of acquiring an EU residence card that offers visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area.   

Financing option available : MRVP offers the possibility of financing for the investment required for participation in the MRVP. Client must deposit only EUR 66,000 at a Maltese financial institution as his investment.

Benefits include
• Malta is part of European Union and the official languages are Maltese and English.
• Guarantee of investment return as the investments are made in the high rating state bonds.
• The only residence program in Europe that provides unlimited residence to applicant and family.
• Parents and grandparents of investor and spouse can be included in the application.
• No residency requirement.
• Speed of execution – The resident cards can be obtained within between 2-4 months from applying for residence in Malta