USD 130,000




1-2 months

Visa Free travel




Vanuatu offers the fastest and easiest to get second Citizenship program on the market. You can get your second passport in as a little as 6 weeks with no need of travel or reside in Vanuatu. With an optimized and friendly documentation requirement, it is by far the most convenient solution. The low price point makes it one of the most affordable solutions worldwide. The contribution is done in US dollars currency, for a total amount starting from USD 130,000 (aprox. EUR 118,000).

The citizenship acquired under the Development Support Program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu. It’s an opportunity to legally obtain a second passport and citizenship with full rights to reside and work in Vanuatu. The passport is renewable upon expiry.

Vanuatu is a tax haven, there is no compulsory military service and a lot of business opportunities are available for investors. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and tropical weather all year long.   

Key Benefits :  
• Shortest issuance time 
• Simplified and confidential application process 
• Best cost-to-value program on the market today 
• Visa free access to 129 countries incl. all EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Russian Federation 
• No personal and corporate income tax and no inheritance tax 
• No residency requirement 
• Citizenship in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical South Pacific country 
• Access to a well-developed banking sector