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Our company results from a meeting of minds. Globalism in all its forms is powering forwards it models changing almost daily as companies and indeed countries and societies feel it impacts in different ways both good and bad. Markets and individual businesses are constantly having to change their operating models where they are operating and where they are selling their goods and services.

We believe businesses large and small and even those just kernels of an idea at the moment need a partner that can help them with the challenge of establishing themselves in a new country and if required not just one country but multiple countries.

The process of establishing in a new country can be challenging We can help by bringing to you under one roof the in-country specialists you will require. Together with our in-house research and legal expertise. we can smooth the visa process and create the business plans that not only meet the requirements of your proposed business but also those of the immigration authorities in the country of your choice. Such a joined-up approach will not only save you cost but also time. So whether you are a small or large business or just have a promising idea for one why not contact us our team is ready and waiting to help your next success story.

Zorro Chan – Senior Partner

Contact: wechat : lawman288

email: zorro@egbmg.com

Zorro is a seasoned commercial and immigration lawyer admitted in Brisbane, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand. He is also an Australian Registered Migration Agent and a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisor. He is also a Hong Kong Chartered Town Planner and PRC/China Chartered Town Planner. With a background of over 20 years in town planning, construction project management and real estate development & investment and working in a large listed REIT in Hong Kong, he is fully experienced to advise on all aspects of HK and China property development/investment matters, in addition to Australian and New Zealand commercial/corporate law, with a particular focus on immigration law, real estate and town planning matters. He holds a BA in Economics, from University of Manitoba, Canada, a MSc in Urban Planning from the University of Hong Kong, a Master of Commerce in Accounting from the University of New South Wales, Australia, a Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management from the University of Hong Kong, a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University, Australia and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Distinction) from the College of Law, Australia.

Zorro speaks and writes fluent English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).

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